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Hawryluk Europe Trip 2006

Apr 21, 2006  

Tomarrow morning we train it through Austria, Hungary, and Ukraine.  We should be in Lvov, Ukraine Apr 23 in the am.  It was quite the event storing hockey bags and extra luggage at the Munich Airport, but we got it done.  The subway was also interesting as everything is in German!  Thank God an American girl heard us and asked if we needed help, we just followed her, to Munich city centre, and she took us to train station, and showed us around.  We tried paying her but she insisted we didn't.  Our hotel is next to the station so we don't have far to go in the morning.  We took a cab to the Harley Store, and pretty much hung around the hotel.  Very tired from our bus ride into Munich, and such.  Not sure when I'll be able to email again, but will try when we get to the Ukraine.  It takes me a couple hours to figure out how to connect to the internet off my laptop.  The weather is finally nice, very hot today, and looks like we might have nice days ahead.  Kristy we need money, can you take care of it for us!  I sent you an email.

April 20th, 2006

Looks like my computer is working at the moment.  Seem to not been working most of our trip.  Anyway it took us about 3 days to get over jetlag, when they say to try sleep on the plane, try sleep on the plane, because it is no good when all you want to do is sleep for 3 days, you miss out on your vacation cause you slept much of the time.  We have toured a Monastery, King Ludwig II's castles, and two other castles, one being his parents, and the other being his summer castle.  Weather seems to be good, everything is greening up nice.  One of our day trips was to Innsbruck, Austria, it was great, can't say much for the train ride, cause it was steep, but worth the trip.  Apparently you guys are 8 hrs behind us so right now its just after 4pm, so it must be about 8am there.  Boys lost 2 of their 3 games, which put them in 7th place for the first tournament.  The second tournament starts tomarrow, and there are 10 teams entered.  6 German teams, 2 Canadian teams, Czech team, and a Finland team.  There is no polution in any of these cities that we are staying at.  Lots of people walking, and biking, not as many cars, and hardly any pickups and suv's.  Anyway I will see if I can try get a picture on the website it I can get this to work. 
Later, from the Hawryluk's in Germany

April 13th, 2006

We fly into Munich morning of April 13, first day in Germany.  I'll try keep everyone posted daily with pictures or stories.  In the mean time check out the Munich website.

Germany 2006