Black Gold Drilling
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14 different flights, 4 airlines, 5 hotels, 1 cruise ship, 3 countries, 19 days of travel, 1000's of miles and can't count. We are finally coming back to Canada, Alberta, Home! One more stop when we get to Alberta, we are going to Camrose for the weekend to watch boys play hockey in the RAMHL Finals. Places we've been:

Dusseldorf, Germany
Marionfeld, Germany
Koln, Germany
Rudenshiem, Germany
Franfurt, Germany
Cairo, Egypt
Aswan, Egypt
Edfu, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt
Vienna, Austia
Amsterdam, Netherlands
L'Viv, Ukraine
Camrose, Alberta
Detroit, MI, USA
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Check out their blog and photos in the gallery below!

Photo Gallery

Hawryluk Europe Trip 2006 Photo Gallery